Ram Connection for Ram SS Load Combinations

 Applies To 
 Product(s):RAM Connection, Ram Structural System
 Version(s):13.*, 17.*
 Area: Modeling; Design; General

What Load Combinations are passed from RAM Structural System to Ram Connection?

When Ram Connection for RAM SS is launched the program pulls the load combinations from Ram Frame Steel - Standard Provisions. Combinations from the Ram Frame - Steel - Seismic Provisions mode are also imported when that mode is current (green light for model status).

The user can override this with the Load Combinations ribbon menu dialog box launcher as indicated below.

If this option is unchecked, then Load Combinations need to be added within Ram Connection using Add/edit or Generate in the same ribbon menu.

Why do I get an error, "None load combinations could be read from the model."

Since the program is trying to pull the combinations from RAM Frame, this error will occur for all gravity models that do not have any Ram Frame combinations defined. To proceed in such a model, uncheck the option to "Include RAM Frame - Steel Provisions Mode load combinations as noted above, then manually define or generate new load combinations. 

Why is the design being checked for single load cases?

Refer to https://bentleysystems.service-now.com/community?id=kb_article_view&sysparm_article=KB0114012#load_case 

Why do I get an error with imported load case IDs?

Depending on the version of Ram Connection, you might encounter one of these error messages:

  1. "Invalid load condition identifier "**". it must be 1 to 5 characters long and the first character must be a letter."
  2. "Error in formula "dl+0.6W*", Load case "W*" does not exist

The first issue pertains to the length of the Load Case IDs, In early versions of Ram Connection this was limited to 5 or fewer characters, so the Load Case names in RAM Frame needed to be short. 

The second pertains to load case names with unexpected symbols in the name. For example, if the underscore character (_) is sed in a load case name in Ram Frame this can cause Ram Connection to misread or truncate the load case names. 

Both of these specific issues have been addressed in the current version or Ram Connection ( as of this entry), but if you encounter such a problem, try simplifying the load cases names in Ram Frame - Analysis mode. 

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