How can I make MicroStation wait for predetermined amount of time



How can I make MicroStation wait for predetermined amount of time then resume normal operation?


MicroStation does not currently provide keyins to cause a predetermined delay. MicroStation does provide you the "expand keyin" keyins that could start external programs and remain frozen/hung until that process completes. You could create your own DOS batch file or Windows script to sit and wait for a period of time then when complete MicroStation will resume normal operation. here is one way to force MicroStation wait 5 seconds:

1. Create file c:\wait.bat consisting of these lines:

@echo off
set /a WAIT=%1*1000
echo Waiting for %WAIT% seconds..
ping -w %WAIT% localhost > nul

2. Start MicroStation and execute the keyin:

!c:\wait.bat 5

Where "5" is the number of seconds to wait.

3. The keyin can not be inserted into a batch file at a designated point to pause the batch process.

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