Referencing 3D DWG files to 2D design files elements are not correctly display

 Version:V8i, CONNECT


I am trying to reference AutoCAD DWG files into MicroStation. Unfortunately, elements are not  being properly displayed in my MicroStation 2D files. The elements from the AutoCAD files that do not  appear that they not drawn at Z=0 coordinates.

How can I change the depth of the AutoCAD references to display all the elements I need to see?


By default, all AutoCAD DWG files are 3D, therefore when you export or convert them to a MicroStation design file,  or attach them as reference attachment, they' will end up being 3D.

To avoid this, when you first attach a DWG file as a reference you will  find the "Options"  button listed under the Cancel button in the "Attach Reference dialog" This will appear after you have selected the  "File type" of  DWG  that you are about to attach.

Once you clicked on the Options button, the "DWG Open Options"  dialog will appear showing these 2D options for Model Space and Paper Space.

You will need to turn on "Create 2D Models for Model Space" as well as "Create 2D Sheets for Paper Space" from MicroStation V8's DWG Options box.

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 Original Author:Judy Wong