Duplicated Nodes Warning

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 Area: Modeling Solutions
 Subarea: Geometry
 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group

After I import the model from the Structure Wizard, it will only create 1 node and there would be a pop up saying that the duplicated nodes and beams are ignored. Why is this happening?

2 things should be checked:

1)  Go to the View -> Options menu and select line Tolerance in the opened window. Make sure that the Tolerance value is entered as 0.01 inches (or 0.001 meters). If this value is much higher or entered as 0, change it to 0.01.

2) Open the Structure Wizard and go to File -> Select Units. Make sure that selected units are the same as in the main STAAD.Pro model.

*Note: in order to change the Tolerance value, make sure that you have full read/write privileges to the file StaadPro20070.ini which is located in (for STAAD.Pro SELECTseries 4):

Windows XP OS: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Bentley\Engineering\STAAD.Pro V8i SS4\

Windows 7/8 OS: C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Engineering\STAAD.Pro V8i SS4\

This file can be located in different folder for older STAAD.Pro versions.