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Original Author:Sye Chakraborty, Bentley Technical Support Group


When analyzing my STAAD.pro file, I am getting an **ERROR** SECTION PROPERTIES NOT ENTERED FOR MEMBER xxx. However when I go to Select > By Missing Attributes > By Missing Property I get a message No entity with missing Property is found. Why is the analysis stopping with errors in that case  ?


Most likely you have defined the properties using the GUI. However when the software is writing down the corresponding commands in the input command file, it is writing it at the incorrect location. So this is not a problem with your input but it is a software problem as it is failing to write the commands internally at the right location. Our development team is continuously making an effort to address these sort of issues but unfortunately sometimes we still do encounter such occurrences.


The GUI is not flagging this as an error as the properties are actually in there. The engine, which reads the commands sequentially, on the other hand is failing to find the property and stopping at a point beyond which it cannot proceed without the property information. For example if the MEMBER PROERTY is recorded after LOAD CASE or after the PERFORM ANALYSIS commands then the engine would stop with such errors. The best way to address this is to go to the input editor ( Edit > Edit Input Command File ) and search for the MEMBER PROPERTY information and ensure that all the property blocks are at the right location.


Note : This problem existed in earlier versions of STAAD.Pro like SS5. It has been addressed in SS6 ( for example )