Creating a custom section in the User Provided Table (UPT)

Applies To
Environment:CONNECT Edition
Area:Modeling Solutions
Original Author:Modestas Turulis, Bentley Technical Support Group


How to define a custom section which is not available in the standard database?


There are several ways of creating custom sections in the STAAD.Pro, however, one of the most versatile way is to add a custom section in the User Provide Table. Follow these steps to do that:

1) Go to the Specification -> User Table -> User Table Manager:

2) In the opened New User Table dialog, select the Section Type which you want to create and click OK. The User Table is created:

3) Now we need to add a specific section into the created User Table. To do that, click on Add button in the User Table Manager dialog:

4) A new dialog appears, where, depending on the section type, you can provide the dimensions of the section and enter its name. Then click on the Calculate button and the sectional properties will be calculated automatically. Click OK to close the dialog. The explanation of each parameter in this dialog can be found in the STAAD.Pro Help section Ribbon Control Reference > Specification tab > User Table Manager dialog:

5) Click Close in the User Table Manager dialog as the custom sections was added into the UPT:

6) To assign this section to the members, go to Specification -> User Table -> Assign User Table Profile:

7) In the opened dialog select the created custom section and click Add. The section will appear in the Properties list next to the other standard sections used in the model. Click Assign button to assign that custom section to the required members: