How to Add Specification to Selected Member Profile

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I want to add additional specification to any member / selected members and what are those means as shown in encased in red.

Select a member profile from Member list (inbuilt member library). Then select the additional specification to be assigned to it.

ST – Single Section (Default Specification) 
T - Tee section cut from Beam
D - Double Profile
CM – Composite Section. It needs further additional specifications like

          CT – Concrete Thickness
          FC – Concrete Grade
          CW – Concrete Width
          CD – Density of Concrete

TC – Top Cover Plate
BC – Bottom Cover Plate

For the above two (TC and BC) Additional Specification needed as

         WP – Cover Plate Width
         TH - Cover Plate Thickness

TB – Top and Bottom Cover Plate. Needs further additional specification in addition to (WP & TH).
        BW – Cover Plate Width
        BT - Cover Plate Thickness


All are in currently selected units.