How to change default Section database as per User's need?

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Version(s):CONNECT Edition 
Environment: ALL
Area: Modeling Solutions
Subarea: Properties
Original Author:Abhisek Mandal, Bentley Technical Support Group


In recent version of STAAD.Pro I am getting an Error : "Steel Table Property Not Found In Table. Check Syntax" for a file which ran okay in older versions. What may be the cause?


The program is unable to find few properties assigned to some of the members though the file worked fine earlier.

In this case, the sections you have used are not available in the section database selected at this time. In STAAD.Pro for some countries there are multiple section database available and for example Russian section database is one of them. It has 2 section databases. The version 2 is selected by default in latest version and you may have used sections from the old V1 database. So in this case you need to manually change the default database to the old one i.e. V1. To do that please do the below steps.

1. Close all instances of STAAD.Pro.

2. Start the application only and do not open any file.

3. Click on "Configure" option available in the left hand panel.

4. In the new poped-up window select "Section database" from left panel.

5. At the top panel select the material which is "rolled steel" in your case.

6. Now scroll and find the proper country name which in this case will be "Russia".

7. Now on right column click on the database name against the selected country (Russia in this case).

8. Now you will be able to see all the databases available in the drop down.

9. Select the required one. Here please select "Russiansections.V1"

10. Click on "OK".

Now open the file and check the issue. Also see the attached snap to understand the steps.