How to use cells as a dimension terminator

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I want to use a previously created cell as a terminator for a dimension style.


1. Go to Element>Cells. This opens the cell library dialog box.

2. In the cell library dialog, go to File>Attach File and select the cell library file (.cel) you want to import into MicroStation.

3. With the cell library attached and the cells populating the Cell Library dialog box, select the cell you want to use as a Dimension Style terminator. Once selected, go to the bottom of the dialog box and click 'Terminator'. The name of the cell will populate next to the 'Terminator' box.

4. Close the Cell Library dialog. Go to Element>Dimension Styles. In the Dimension Styles dialog, choose the style you want to edit from the list on the left-hand side of the box. In the Geometry tab, and under the Terminators section, choose the Symbols drop-down menu. In the Symbols drop-down menu, open the drop-down menu next to 'Arrow:'. From that menu, choose 'Cell'. In the 'Name' option, type the name of the cell you want to use as terminator and that you previously assigned to 'Terminator' in the Cell Library dialog box.

5. Close the Dimension Style dialog box. Place a dimension with terminator, or a note, and you will see that your cell will now be used as the terminator.

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