When I try to analyze my model it terminates with the error "invalid sparse matrix creation"

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 Original Author:Phil Riegel, Bentley Technical Support Group

When I try to analyze my model it terminates with the following errors:

*** ERROR:
Invalid sparse matrix creation. Probable cause modeling error.


The most common cause of these errors is the presence of one or more instances of the control/dependent specification assigned to corner nodes of a solid element, which is prohibited by the program (for more information please refer to section TR. 28.1 in the Help documentation.)  

To get around this the control/dependent specification can be replaced with rigid link members, which will accomplish the same task without having any limitations regarding solid elements.  This can be done using the process described in the following wiki:

When two nodes are connected via the control/dependent specification, how can the forces and moments transferred by that connection be directly read? - RAM | STAAD | ADINA Wiki - RAM | STAAD | ADINA - Bentley Communities