Create a freeform B-spline surface

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Create a freeform B-spline surface using various types of elements


Model has a number of 3D elements including B-spline curves, arcs, line strings etc. and there is a need to create a 3D B-spline surface to cover this area

Steps to Accomplish

The use of the Surface By Edge Curves is the optimal tool to use in this circumstance. It can be used to construct a B-spline surface that has up to 6 elements (lines, line strings, shapes, arcs, B-spline curves, complex chains and shapes) used as the edges. The number of edges would be a minimum of three up to six and all must meet at their endpoints. It is also worth ensuring the elements used are not extremely complex as this could results in the surface not able to be created.

  1. Select the Surface By Edge Curves tool, available under:
    > Tools > Surfaces > Create Freeform Surfaces

  2. Select the first and second edges.
  3. Optionally use the <Ctrl> Key + Data point to select further edges, up to a total of six.
  4. Enter a data point to display the surface.
  5. Accept the surface.

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