How to use loads of the same loading type in mutually exclusive combinations when using automatic lo

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 Original Author:Sye Chakraborty
Bentley Technical Support Group

I have multiple loads which are of the same loading type. When I generate automatic load combination, STAAD.Pro is putting all of these loads in the same load combination. Is there any way to prevent that ? I would like these loads to be considered in a mutually exclusive manner or in other words these loads should be used one at a time when combining with other cases.

You can do that by setting the appropriate rules for the automatic load combination. From the ribbon menu choose Loading > Automatic Combinations > Edit Auto Combination Rules. The following table would come up. For the particular loading type that you have defined, click on the cell corresponding to the row “Combination Rule”. You will find three choices. Choose the option “Separate Combination For Each Case” and update the table. The automatic load combination would then consider these loads as mutually exclusive and use these in separate combinations.

In more recent versions of the STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition, you can go to Loading > Automatic Combinations > Edit Auto Combination Rules to get to the table below. Go to the code of your choice and choose Configuration underneath that. Unlock the table by clicking on the image of the lock. Change the Combination Type for appropriate load from Aggregate to Separate. For example in the screenshot below, one can change the Combination Type from Aggregate to Separate for Load Type Live if all load types defined as Live are to be considered separately when combining those with other loads.