Why Am I Unable to Edit the Design Code in My Wind Load Definition?

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 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group

When I try to edit my wind definition to change the design code, why I am unable to access the drop down menu because it is grayed out?

Recently the way wind load definitions are set up was modified slightly, as described in the following excerpt from the Update 8 Revision History:

“The creation of a Wind Load Definition has been slightly modified such that the initial dialog now requires the code that will be used to be specified in a new drop list. This is used then to prepare the details of any tool that could be used to generate the wind pressure profile.”

As a result of this change, now once a  wind load definition has been specified the code is set and cannot be modified.  If a new code is desired, one can simply delete the existing wind definition and create a new one with the updated code.  

Please note, if one doesn't wish to change the code but nonetheless wants to edit the parameters for an existing wind definition, it can be done with no problem.