Cannot find reference after attachment


 After attaching a reference to a file, the reference elements are not visible


Sometimes after attaching a reference, its location in the view cannot be found or it appears not to have attached at all. Most likely, when attaching the reference (using Coincident), it has different coordinates to the elements in the current (master) file to which the reference is being attached, and, when it is attached, it is placed at a location which has coordinates far away from the elements that are located in the file.

Steps to Accomplish

Option 1 Use Fit View and Move tools

Using the  'Fit View' tool after attaching the reference should display the reference. However, as mentioned, if the
coordinates of the reference and the elements in the file are far apart, the reference will appear very small (a dot) because the view has to zoom out so far to show both the elements and the reference (see image 1).

To 'Fit the View', double click the mouse wheel, this is typically set up with this function. Or, click the Fit View icon at the top of the View Window as shown in image 1. Once the reference is located, the Move tool (from References dialog) can be used to move the reference to the desired location (near the elements in the file).


(Image 1)

Option 2 Use a different attachment method

  1. Click on the Attach Reference icon

  2. The first Attach Reference dialog opens, select the Interactive Attachment Method (see image 2)

  3. Click on Open, the Reference Attachment Settings dialog opens

  4. Expand the Standard Views Section, and select/highlight 'Top' as shown in image 3

  5. Click on OK and place the reference at the desired location using the mouse

(Image 2)


(Image 3)

Option 3 Verify Correct model is attached

This is important because sometimes when files are attached there might be more than one model in the file. Verify that you have the correct model associated with the attachment. By default the 'Default' model will be attached when attaching on DGN file to another.


(Image 4)

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 Original Author:Conor King