How do I download/install STAAD.beava?

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How do I download/install STAAD.beava (Bridge codes), also called Bridge Deck Preprocessor?

There is no separate installation for STAAD.beava program. It is installed along with STAAD.Pro. To run this module, you will need a separate license (called STAAD.beava) included with other STAAD design codes/modules.

To configure the license, you will need to activate it under License Configuration section. This is the last item in the design code list. If you have a license to use, then once you check the box next to it, the circle should turn green. If it turns red, you may not have enough license available to use or you may have to purchase it.

NOTE: STAAD.Beava (Bridge Deck workflow in STAAD.Pro CE) does not require a separate license since STAAD.Pro CE V22 Update 6 as the basic STAAD.Pro license is enough to use this workflow. This workflow can be activated in the start up page of STAAD.Pro as shown below: