How the demands in the Column Cap connection are calculated?

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Product(s):RAM Connection
Version(s):CONNECT Edition
Area:RAM Connection
Subarea:Connection design
Original Author:Modestas Turulis, Bentley Technical Support Group

How does RAM Connection calculate the Demands in the Column Cap connection?

Here is example Column Cap connection where a 4x4 in column is used:

The demands are calculated in the wall of the HSS column, similar to any moment connection in a Beam-to-Column Flange configuration. In this particular case, we have:

Moment : 10.6 [Kip*ft]
Axial : 1.4 [Kip]

so, we calculate the maximum tension Puf:

Axial / 2 + Moment/Arm ... the arm in this case is 4[in]

-1.4[kip]/2.0 + 10.6[Kip*ft]/0.3333[ft] = - 0.7 + 31.81 = 31.1 [Kip]

So, for the other checks, that are considered in compression the calculation is similar but with inverted sign

-1.4[kip]/2.0 - 10.6[Kip*ft]/0.3333[ft] = - 0.7 - 31.81 = 32.5 [Kip]

2.00 [kip] demand is a shear force taken from the Loads table.