Managing Users

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Accessing User Management

To access User Management, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Subscription Services Portal.
  2. Scroll down the the Resources section.
  3. Click on the User Management file.

    Screenshot of User Management tile

Add Users

NOTE: If your organization is federated with Bentley IMS, you would not need to add a user manually as shown below - new users will be created automatically when they log in for the first time via just-in-time provisioning. You can learn more about it on our federation introduction page, and submit a request to start the federation process if you wish.

NOTE 2: IMS does not actively "synchronize" users with any federated identity provider. Users are created only at the time they first log in.

NOTE 3: Users can only be associated to a single account and they use their login to access the licensing associated to their account.

If you are a Administrator or Co-Administrator you can add users within User Management using the following steps: 

1. On the Users and Groups screen, click Users tab and then click the Add Users button in the upper right corner.

2. Complete the fields and click the Save button.

Note: If you are told the user already exists and are not given an option to add to the account, the user is tied to a different account and must be removed first. For more information, see: Unable to add users - user already exist within another ultimate

The user can log in and view their profile to determine what account they are associated with - for steps on how to do that, see: How do I find my Administrator?

User Approvals

1. From the User Management screen click the Pending Approvals icon to display the users waiting to be approved.

2. To approve/reject users from the list select one or more users in the list and click Approve or Reject.

Lock and Unlock Users

Locking an IMS account does not automatically stop entitlement access/usage reporting. Locking the user will only block the access to login ID and password but if user has previously logged in then they get 7 days Disable mode access to the product. Users should be deleted from your organizations User Management, which will unafflicte them from your account or the user should be Denied access via an exception in Entitlement Management.

To delete, see next topic Delete Users

For Exceptions, see

1. On the User Management screen, click Users tab, select user(s) and click Lock User(s) icon on the screen above user list to disable login for the selected user(s).

2. Click the Confirm button to lock the selected user(s).

3. Click Unlock Users icon on the screen above user list to enable login for the selected locked user(s).

Delete Users


Removing users roles prior to deleting is recommended, see: Managing Roles

If a user you want to remove is assigned a Practitioner License, make sure to re-assign the license prior to removing the user in User Management. If you remove an assigned user, Practitioner License will show "User Not Found" and you will not be able to re-assign it. If this is the case, please open a service request, choose "Licensing and User Administration" for the category and in the description include details about removed user.

1. On the User Management screen, click Users tab, select user(s) and click Delete Users icon on the screen above user list.

2. Click the Confirm button to delete the selected users.

Export User List

  1. On the User Management screen, click Users tab, click Bulk Operations button and click Export User List.

2. Save the .csv file which can be opened in Excel to see the list

Resetting Passwords

Click the three dots to the right of a user login, and select Reset Password from the contextual menu that appears. A password reset email will be sent to the user by which the user can create a new password.

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