Managing Groups

Add a new Group

1. On the User Management screen, click the Groups tab and then click the blue Add Group button in the upper right corner.

2. Complete the fields and click the Save button.

 * Note that newly created group will take 2-4 hours to propagate to Entitlement Management

Assign Groups

  1. On the Users and Groups screen, click Users tab, select the user.

2. Click Assign Groups icon on the screen above user list.

3. Select Groups from the list and click Submit button.

Note : To remove the specific user(s) from the group you can untick the added user(s) from Assign groups option.

Manage Groups

  1. On the User Management screen, click Groups. Here you can view, assign users, and manage Groups.

2. Click the 'Assigned to (x) users' link against the Group.

3. This will take you to the list of Users in the Group.

Note : This option can be used to remove any user from group. Select the user from the list and click on Add/Modify group icon.

Delete Groups

From the groups tab in user management, simply select the three dots on the right and select "Delete Group":

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