Managing Roles

Assign and Unassign Roles

1. Login to the or On the User Management screen, click the Users tab and then select the user.

2. Click the Roles icon on the screen above the users' list.

Screenshot highlighting Modify Roles button

3. Select or Unselect Roles from the list and click the Submit button.

4. Click on the info icon to view a brief description of the role.

5. Put/remove the tick/mark against the desired roles to assign multiple roles to the user.

Manage Roles

1. On the User Management screen, click Enterprise Roles. Here you can view and manage the Enterprise Roles and assigned users.

2. Click the 'Assigned to (x) users' link against the Role.

3. This will take you to the List of Users with this Role.


If user's roles were changed/updated by an administrator, the user may need to refresh their privileges within the browser, especially if they were granted access to some online services. User should perform any or all of the following steps:

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