Bulk Operations

What is the purpose of this information?

Bulk operations have undergone development changes and this document has been created to align with those changes.

Bulk operations can be used to Add, Delete, Edit, or Export user information, roles, and groups.

What's new? 

Examples provided below.

*Note: You can only upload 1000 users at a time. If you have more than 1000 user’s, you will need to have more than one CSV file. For example, if you need to upload 1500 users you will need to have 2 CSV files, one with 1000 users and a second with 500 users. 

**Note: This document should be reviewed completely before utilizing the new Bulk Operation features as functionality has changed significantly. 

Accessing User Management

To access User Management, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Subscription Services Portal.
  2. Scroll down the the Resources section.
  3. Click on the User Management file.

Add Users / Delete Users Bulk Operations

The only difference between these two is that the Add User operation requires additional user information (email, first name, last name, country, and profile country) to process. The Delete User spreadsheet only requires an e-mail address.

*Note: If you would like to add users individually, please utilize the blue “Add Users” option to the left of the bulk operations option.

Update Users

To change user information such as email address, first or last name, groups, roles, or locked status, you can utilize a bulk operation to update several users' information all at once.

Note: Please export at least two copies of your current directory. One to modify, one for back up. This can be done by performing the following:

Now that you've got two copies:

Examples of Spreadsheets to Update Users


Value Exported: 


Update Values to Import:


Value Exported:

Updated Values to Import:

Exporting List of Users

Select the “Export User List” option to export users to a .CSV file.

Adding Groups


Modifying Groups


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