Fulfillment Contact Admin Workflow

Changing/Adding Account Admin

If you are an Account Administrator you can designate other users to have administrative roles.


In October 2021, we introduced a change that restricts Admins from adding/assigning other Account Administrators - Administrators can assign Co-Administrator role, which permits access to the same settings and services as for the Account Administrator. Currently, only those in the physical contract are meant to be Account Administrators. For more changes, see: What's New in Bentley's IMS and User Management?

Add new Co-Administrator

1. On the Users and Groups screen, click the Users tab and then click the Add Users button in the upper right corner.

2. Complete the fields and click the Save button.

3. On the User Management screen, click the Users tab and then select the user.

4. Click the Assign Roles icon on the screen above the user list.

5. Select Co-Administrator role from the list and click the Submit button.

Add or Change Account Administrator

If you require to change the Account Administrator, please contact us or log a Service Request on the Service Request Manager for assistance.

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