Braces Carry Lateral Loads Only

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I am modeling a steel building with braced frame (OBF). I want the braces to carry lateral loads only and not the gravity loads. How can I do that?

This can be achieved by making the bracing members inactive for the gravity load cases and re-activating them for the lateral load cases. The INACTIVE specification for beam members is available within Specifications > Beam > Inactive:

You can find more details on inactive specification within section Technical Reference of STAAD Commands > TR.18 Inactive/Delete Specification of STAAD.Pro Help. There is also an example 4, demonstrating how to use the INACTIVE specification, which can be found within Application Examples > EX. American Design Examples of STAAD.Pro Help. The corresponding .std file is provided with the software and can be found within the folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition\Samples\Sample Models\US.