Defining temperature load in STAAD.Pro

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Area: Modeling Solutions
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Original Author:Sye Chakraborty, Bentley Technical Support Group

I am trying to define a temperature load and I am not sure how to define it correctly. Should I enter the actual values of the temperatures or the temperature difference ?  

When you input the temperature loading, you are essentially required to input the temperature differential. So if your ambient temperature is say 30 deg F and the highest and the lowest temperatures to which your structure is subjected to is 100 deg F and 0 deg F respectively, then you may want to define two temperature load cases. The first load case would be for the temperature rise and would be (100-30)=+70 deg F and the second load case would be for the temperature fall (0-30)=-30 deg F. These values would be entered using the Temperature change for Axial Elongation option in the GUI and are the f1 values as outlined in the STAAD.Pro Help section Technical Reference of STAAD Commands > TR.32 Loading Specifications > TR.32.6 Temperature Load Specification for Members, Plates, and Solids.

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