Difference between fulfillment contacts and administrators

 Product(s):User Management

This article explains the capabilities of both fulfillment contacts and administrators.

Capabilities of fulfillment contacts

Anyone designated as a fulfillment contact receives fulfillment documents. Fulfillment contacts need not be administrators, although one fulfillment contact is initially granted administrator access by default to ensure at least someone within the organization has full access. The following instructions show how to manage fulfillment contacts.

Capabilities of administrators

Anyone designated as an Account Admin or Co-Administrator is granted access to the Subscription Services Portal to manage license settings and user accounts. Additionally, administrators receive license alerting emails if the licensing alerting feature is enabled for specific products. Administrators need not be fulfillment contacts, although one administrator is designated as a global fulfillment contact by default to ensure at least someone within the organization receives billing-related documents. Administrator roles can be assigned to others users or relinquished. The following instructions show how to manage roles.

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