Available Roles

What is the purpose of this information?

Roles are assigned by the Account Administrator or the Co-Administrator to provide each Registered User with specific access to Services.  Below is a list of certain Administrative roles within User Management:

*Please note: While it is not a role that is listed on the "Modify Roles" list, a Fulfillment Contact is the person at an Organization who receives a notification of any new or updated license/entitlements from Bentley. The new User Management interface that was made available at the end of August, 2020, now allows any Account Administrator or Co-Administrator to add or remove a Fulfillment Contact.  It is up to each Organization to manage the Fulfillment Contact list. 


Account Administrator: Organization's primary administrator assigned to add users, modify the role(s) of all existing users, manage software licenses, create / edit / delete projects.


Co-Administrator: Administrator assigned to add users, modify the role(s) of existing users,  manage software licenses, and create / edit / delete projects.

Group Administrator: Manage all users

        Other available roles:

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