How to download Autodesk REALDWG


Steps to Accomplish

1. Go to Bentley Portal

2. Click on 'GO TO CONNECTION CENTER' ( or optional: go to

3. Under My Support browse on the bottom of the page and click on Software Downloads > Software Fulfillment Center opens

4. Click first the button Clear All  to clear all the preselections.

5. Type in the search box: realdwg and without pressing enter you will get populated data for the latest version of RealDWG

6. Click the prepolulated option or optionally the magnifiying glass > then click the link All Downloads and then by clicking the green arrow on the right hand side the download begins.

7. Accept the legal Terms of use and then press Save As to save it in a desired directory folder

Watch this short video how to download and install RealDWG:


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 Original Author:Maria Munoz