Standalone Workflow for Analysis and Design

As OpenBridge Designer CONNECT Edition includes all bridge analytics products, LEAP: LBC, LBS and RM Bridge Enterprise, it is important for all users to understand that it offers two different workflows: a BIM Workflow, which guides the user through the typical interoperable BIM steps, and a Standalone Workflow, meant to support independent, non-interoperable work with any of OpenBridge Designer’s components.

Analysis and Design

For everyone who only does analysis it is probably the best to select the Standalone option as the workflow instead of the default BIM Workflow. Then, there is no need to create anything in OBM; only at OBD, you can create a generic file “Analysis.obdx” in File New and a generic Standalone Group “RunAnalytics” in Add Standalone Group.

Standalone Workflow

Using the Standalone workflow, the user has the option to work independently with OpenBridge Modeler, LEAP Bridge Concrete or LEAP Bridge Steel, RM Bridge Enterprise, ProStructures, gINT or MicroStation. Later, if the project progresses, the user can easily create a new project and incorporate the previously created models into a new BIM Workflow in OpenBridge Designer. In the individual products you can only save their specific files, as usually.


More information about Standalone can be found at the link below:

A more visual information can be accessed at the SIG Virtual Workshop: OpenBridge - Using a BIM or Standalone Workflow in OpenBridge Designer

Note: All enhancements are available in OpenBridge Designer (OBD) CE and only error corrections will be included in standalone downloads. More information about the new licensing with OBD for analytics can be found at the link below: