Online Training resources for STAAD.Pro

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Original Author:Sye Chakraborty, Bentley Technical Support Group

I am new to STAAD.Pro and wondering how to get started with some training. Can you please help?

Listed below are the various STAAD.Pro training resources that are available to you

1. STAAD.Pro trainings are available in our official YouTube channel "BentleyStructural" that can be accessed using the link below

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2. You can go to File > Help > Contents from inside the software and refer to the Tutorials section as shown next




3. Online tutorials/training videos can be accessed from within the software by going to File > Help > Tutorials.

4. A number of on demand trainings and instructor led trainings can also be accessed from the LEARN Server

You will be taken to the LEARN Server page from where you can search for trainings related to STAAD.Pro as shown next



Several online training options will show up from which you can choose an appropriate training course as shown next




5. Another great resource to learn more about STAAD.Pro and how it is applied to structural analysis is to read a book Principles of Structural Analysis –Static and dynamic loads by Krishnan Sathia. You can find out about this and other books at