Unable to open STAAD.Pro model

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Original Author:Sye Chakraborty, Bentley Technical Support Group


I am not able to open my STAAD model anymore. What can I do ?


STAAD.Pro creates a number of auxiliary data files in the same folder as the STAAD model and if any of these get corrupted or locked up, the model may fail to open and sometimes the software may even crash when trying to open the file


Here are a set of steps that you can try out


Create a new folder in your local machine (NOT on any network drive)

Open up File Explorer and browse to the folder where your STAAD.Pro model file (.std) is.

Copy ONLY the .std file into the new folder. DO NOT do a File Save As from within STAAD.Pro to copy the file.

Launch STAAD.Pro and try to open the model

If you still cannot open the file, please get in touch with STAAD.Pro Technical support.

Note: In some rare occasions, we have seen users attempting to open a .std file using an application other than STAAD.Pro and getting errors. For example the screenshot below shows an error that is generated when a .std file is opened using STAAD Building Planner. Please make sure that the application that you are using to open a .std file is STAAD.Pro