STAAD.Pro analysis results getting deleted

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Original Author:Sye Chakraborty, Bentley Technical Support Group


After I analyze a file and get out of STAAD.Pro, the analysis results are deleted. How can I retain the analysis results ?


You are most likely trying to Save the file before closing out of the software. STAAD.Pro automatically saves all analysis data and you do not need to do a Save on top of that. In fact if you do then your input file ( .std ) becomes more recent than the files in which the analysis output is saved which makes the software think that the analysis results are out of sync or outdated compared to the input. Consequently it goes ahead and deletes the results. It would show a warning message though saying that the post processing data would be deleted and once the user confirms the operation, it will go ahead and delete the results.


So once the analysis is done, you can simply go to the post-processing mode or the analysis output file to review the results and once you are done, you can simply close the software. You do not need to worry about Saving the file. In fact if any changes has been made to the file since the analysis, the software would automatically prompt you to save the data before you exit.