Customizing the Interface in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition

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Version(s):Connect Edition ( and up )
Environment: ALL
Area: General Solutions
Subarea: General Information
Original Author:Sye Chakraborty, Bentley Technical Support Group


The GUI (graphic user interface) in STAAD.Pro has been redesigned in the CONNECT Edition. Whereas our users are very excited to use the new interface and are actively using it, the rearrangement of the menu has made finding some of the options little difficult for some. Based on their feedback we have made the interface customizable so that users can now easily access the icons that they frequently use and keep these available at all times irrespective of which menu they are in. This wiki outlines quick ways to access certain tools and also lists some easy to use customization options

Option 1 : Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

There is now a Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the ribbon menu which may be used to add the frequently used icons to the toolbar. Click on the down arrow as shown next

The menu will expand. Click on the More Commands option as seen below

The Customize Quick Access Toolbar dialog box will pop up as shown next which would allow one to select the frequently used tools. Bring those to the right using the green arrows.

Click on OK and all the selected options would now appear on the Quick Access Toolbar at the top as in the next picture

Option 2 : Customizing the Quick Commands Pop up menu

While inside the Whole Structure window press the Spacebar on the keyboard to bring up the Quick Commands menu as shown next. Click on the lower right corner to customize the quick command. 

The following dialog box would popup allowing one to add as many options as needed to the Popup menu

Next time the Spacebar is pressed, all the options would appear as part of the Quick Commands Popup.

Option 3 : Quick access to View icons

Press the SHFT key on the keyboard and right click the mouse to access all the viewing icons as shown next

Please refer to the following wiki on how to retain these customization