Configuration Explorer is not showing any installed CONNECT applications

 Product(s):Bentley Configuration Explorer


When launching the Bentley Configuration Explorer the Process Configuration dialog opens but it is not showing any applications to choose from despite various CONNECT applications being installed.


To resolve this close the Process Configuration dialog and load the required applications using the Configuration Explorer dialog with the following steps :

1. On the Configuration Explorer dialog select 'Tools' followed by 'Application Manager'.

2. On the Application Manager dialog select 'Add' to choose from a list of available installed CONNECT Edition applications. Alternatively, drag & drop the applications shortcut from the Windows Start menu.

3. Choose the application (ie. MicroStation CONNECT Edition) from the available list and select 'Add'. If required hold the CTRL key down to select multiple applications or add them individually later.

4. Select 'OK' on the Application Manager dialog when done adding applications

5. From the Configuration Explorer dialog select 'Process' to reopen the Process Configuration dialog and the Application(s) selected earlier should now be available.

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 Original Author:Carl Myhill