Error: Fault exception set to 'none

 Environment:Windows 7 64-bit

Error or Warning Message

When attempting to run MicroStation the following error appears, "Warning: Fault exception set to 'none'.

How to Avoid

Check environment variable Windows fror "MS_TRAP" variable

  1. Go toControl Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables->User variables->New...

    Or go to the Start>Run menu and type in sysdm.cpl

  2. Check and see if MS_TRAP variable is set to none

  3. If this variable exist remove it.



The MS_TRAP variable can be set in the environment variables to help capture data for error in programs. If you have recently worked with a support analyst regarding an issue with a Bentley product where the program was closing unexpectedly or maybe even freezing this variable might have possibly been set. It is not needed for the normal operation of MicroStation and can be removed.

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 Original Author:Reginald Wallace