A meaning of command SET GUI 1 in STAAD.Pro

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What does the command SET GUI 1 do and when it should be used?

Once the calculations of STAAD.Pro model are completed, and before the Analysis window is closed, the program creates several files for the purpose of displaying results in the post processing mode. In large models (especially with many load combinations), this can be a time consuming process. If the user's goal is to look at results in the Output file only (.ANL file) and does not intend to go into the Postprocessing workflow, the user can instruct the program to skip the process of creating those files by using the SET GUI 1 command in the input file. This command may be specified immediately before the FINISH command, or somewhere near the beginning of the file after STAAD SPACE.

The benefit of this command is such that it can significantly reduce the time used for the analysis of the model. On the other hand, if this command is used, the user will be able to review the results in the Output file only, but not in the Postprocessor.