How to View Individual Floors

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I have a rather large frame building consisting of several floors. I want to look at individual floors by themselves without the rest of the structure cluttering up the view. Can you tell me how to do that?

Method 1 :

a) Orient the view of your model in such a way as to make it convenient to extract using a mouse, the portion you want to view separately. This can be done from View | Orientation, or by clicking on the icons available for this.

b) From the select menu, select the Geometry cursor. Then, using your mouse, create a window around the region you wish to view. That region will be highlighted.

c) Click the right mouse button and select New View. Or, from the View menu, select New View. Set the button on "Create a new window for the View", and click on OK.

The region will now be displayed in a separate window. Once in this window, you can change the viewing angles using View | Orientation, or through the orientation icons, or simply by pressing the up, down, left or right arrow keys on the keyboard.

Method 2 :

This method involves cutting a section using the Tools - Cut section option. Details are available in Section 2.3.4 of the STAAD.Pro Graphical Environment Manual, which can be accessed from Help - Contents.