Tools missing from Tools menu

 Version:V8i, V8i (SELECTseries)


Tools missing from Tools menu

Some tools are missing or cannot be found from the Tools menu. Also the Tools menu is much longer than normal and looks different in appearance. For example, the first tool is a 3D Main tool, however, when selected, none of the flyouts produce toolboxes or dialogs. The tools are all available from the menu option: Tools > Toolboxes
There are also error messages on start up, such as, "Unable to load dialog whose id is ....."
Customize appears twice in the Workspace menu


Check any configuration files in use, such as ucf.
Check the MS_FONTPATH variable. In this case it was assigned (using equals) to folders on a network drive)
These folders contained many duplicate fonts (duplicates of the delived workspace fonts, both .shx and .rsc), and another copy of ustation.rsc
The standard fonts delivered in Workspace were not being used
Removing the duplicate fonts from server, and changing MS_FONTPATH to append to the netwok folders resolved issue

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