Export Ram Concept PT tabular data

Ram Concept can export Tendon tables and Tendon Points table. It's current functionally lacks the association between the Tendon and Tendon points (we cannot ascertain the physical location of the tendons based on the tables alone). Below workflow and utility leverages the exported DWG file to generate a consolidated table that does provide the physical location of the tendons for further processing downstream.

  1. Concept Plan exported with the below options and converted to DXF (open in MicroStation and save as DXF, or use any converter to get the equivalent DXF file)

       2.  Tendon Tables and Tendon Points table Exported

Place PTPlan.dxf, TendonsTable.txt, TendonPoints.txt in the same directory

Extract contents https://communities.bentley.com/products/ram-staad/m/structural_analysis_and_design_gallery/272710 into above directory.

Launch RamConceptTendons.exe, proceed through the interactive prompt (or directly via command line):

RamConceptTendons.exe PTPlan.dxf TendonPoints.txt Tendons.txt.

When successfully completed a consolidated table is written to out.csv in the same directory. Note that all measurements are to the CGS of strand.