Timber material is missing

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In STAAD.Pro, you are providing Steel, Concrete and Aluminum as standard materials with built-in default values. Why isn't timber included? I am looking for the Modulus of Elasticity and Density of Douglas Fir.

Unlike the 3 materials mentioned in your question, timber comes in several varieties, with each variety having its own unique set of material properties. Douglas Fir alone comes in several varieties, as explained below.

The American Wood Council and the American Forest & Paper Association publish a document called the "Supplement NDS for Wood Construction", 1997 edition. It provides design values for structural sawn lumber and glued laminated timber. There is also a category called Visually Graded Decking.

Under each category, Douglas Fir comes in various species or combination of species. Under each species, there are various commercial grades. Each of those grades have a unique value of E, ranging from 1000 ksi to 1900 ksi. If the category, species, and commercial grade is known, the E value can be read from the tables in this document.

The American Wood Council and the American Forest & Paper Association also publish a document called the "ASD Manual for Engineered Wood Construction". In the 1999 edition of this document, Table 8A, page 15 contains the specific gravity of Douglas Fir as ranging from 0.46 to 0.5.