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In these challenging times when COVID-19 is imposing significant disruptions to day to day activities and affecting normal business flow of our much-valued users and employees, we at Bentley are mindfully committed to ensuring a smooth transition of work from the office to a remote location or home. Our innovative software and services are all geared for working from home or remote locations and do not impose the need to be in an office set-up.

For a general overview of how this works for Bentley products refer to

We have assembled this document to help ensure a smooth transition of work from any location using LARS.

Machine Requirements

There are several options to work remotely. You may decide to install the software on your home computer which is our recommendation, or connect to a work machine virtually using Remote Desktop Connection or other virtualization software. LARS will work on most any machine running Windows, but we recommend Windows 10. For more please see the System Requirements from the Product Data Sheet for LARS.

Downloading Software

All Bentley software is downloaded from the Bentley Software Downloads pages:


LARS Bridge CONNECT Edition


General download and installation directions are available here.

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