Remap DWG layers to client library levels

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 Original Author:Conor King, Bentley Technical Support Group

 How to remap DWG layers to a clients standard level library (dgnlib)


When saving DWG files to DGN, the DWG layers need to be remapped to the client/end user's standard company levels. These levels have been provided in the form of a dgnlib file, how can this be achieved?

Steps to Accomplish

One workflow that could be used is:

  1. Open the DGNLIB file provided by client
  2. Export levels in this file to csv file (in Level Manager, go to Level > Export, Save as type Excel CSV Files)
  3. Now open DWG to be conveted to DGN
  4. Go to File > Save As and change Save as type to MicroStation V8 DGN Files
  5. Click the Options and go to Remap tab of Save As V8 Options dialog
  6. Click on the blank page icon to Create a new csv file, give the csv file a name
  7. When the csv opens, populate levels from DWG into new csv
  8. Open the other csv file (from exported DGNLIB levels)
  9. Copy the DGN level name column and paste into new csv in the V8output level column
  10. Copy the colour, weight and line style (and any other attributes) and paste into the corresponding columns in new csv
  11. Save the csv and return to MicroStation
  12. In the Save As V8 Options, enable the Apply Level Mapping option and click OK
  13. Save the DWG to DGN - levels should remap
  14. This csv can then be used for all further DWG conversions specific to the client

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