Old Elements, New Levels: How Do I Force an Element to display ByLevel Attributes?

 Version:XM, V8i, V8i (SELECTseries)

Problem Description

I have a file in which certain, or all, elements were created without regard to their levels. In other words, none of them have 'ByLevel' set as any of their attributes. I now want to easily and quickly create levels, assign these elements to these new levels, and force the elements to display the attributes of the level. How can I force the elements to display 'ByLevel' attributes when they embody a variety of different attributes?


Possible Solution 1:

1. Add all old elements to their new levels (which have the correct attributes assigned).
2. Select all old elements using Element Selection tool. 
3. Right click and hold on one selected element and choose 'Properties'.
4. In the next window (Element Information), change the attributes under 'General' to ByLevel. This will force all of the elements to display their attributes as described by their new levels.

I understand it is possible you are unable to select all of the old elements.

Possible Solution 2:

1. Open 'Level Manager' window.
2. Change 'Symbology' option at top to 'Overrides' and change the level attributes for all of your levels in the manner you require.
3. Open 'View Attributes' window (CTRL+B or Settings>View Attributes).
4. In View Attributes window, turn on 'Level Overrides'. This will force your levels to display the element attributes as described by the Overrides option you set in the Level Manager.

Note: all levels (not just the old elements) will display their override attributes.

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 Original Author:Erik Mendoza