Degree symbol does not appear in angular dimension

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 Environment: Windows 7 64 bit
 Area: Dimensions
 Subarea: N/A
 Original Author:Reginald Wallace, Bentley Technical Support Group








Problem Description

When using a dimension style with a text style having font 227 produce s a caret symbol instead of a proper degree symbol for angular dimensions. Using the same text style, the degree symbol is shown correctly using the ALT176 character (\176).


By default MicroStation assumes RSC fonts have a degree glyph at character code 94. In some instances the degree symbol can be defined at a different character code. i.e. character code 176. When then this happens the degree symbol will appear as the character mapped to 94. The usual culprit will the be the caret symbol.

Steps to Resolve 

  1. Modify the font configuration file(MstnFontConfig.xml). This file will usually be found in the path defined by MS_FONTPATH variable.
  2. In this file go the <RscFontInfo> node section
  3. For example if this was occurring using a font called "Romans" add the following as a new entry in this section:





The <DegreeChara> entry allows for specfiying the character code number to be used for the degree symbol.

This should make dimension display work. It may not affect existing text elements, but should correct new text placement after this modfication has been made. 


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