Import loads From a text file

QUESTION:  How to import loads from a text file?

ANSWER:  Loads on bearings, caps, and columns can also be imported from a text file by clicking the From a text file in the window of Loads: Load data. A typical text file to import a load type other.  A typical text file to import live load into bearing forces should follow the format below:

Bearing loads
1,            1,            Y,            0,            T
1,            2,            Y,            -6.912,  T
1,            3,            Y,            -23.808,T
2,            1,            Y,            0,            T
2,            2,            Y,            -10.296,T
2,            3,            Y,            -35.464,T
1,            1,            Y,            0,            L
1,            2,            Y,            -5.184,  L
1,            3,            Y,            -17.856,L
2,            1,            Y,            0,            L
2,            2,            Y,            -5.184,  L
2,            3,            Y,            -17.856,L

In the text file, for bearing loads, the first column is for Bearing Line, the second column is for Bearing Point Number, the third column is for the load direction, the fourth is for the bearing force value, and the last column is for the tag, either "T" (for truck force) or "L" (for lane force).