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The Dimension Style dialog box has changed its look. Some of my settings are missing, where can I locate all of the settings?

All of the dimension settings are still available. However, the new Dimension Style dialog box is tabbed making setting up and modifying dimension styles easier. A comprehensive listing of the settings can be located under the Advanced tab. For example, the option to specify a level on which a dimension will be placed on has been moved to the General > Placement > Level option under the Advanced Tab.

Is there a way to compare dimension styles between each other to determine what the differences/similarities are?

Under the Advanced tab a new feature is the ability to Compare and show the differences between the dimension styles. In order to do this, select the two dimension styles from the dimension style tree listing on the left. The two dimension styles can be selected by holding down the CTRL key to select the dimension styles. Change the Mode to from Edit to Comparison or Differences.


How can I tell if a dimension style is from a library or from the active design file?

If you hover your mouse over the dimension style it will say Local Style or Library Style indicating where the dimension style is being read in.

How do I toggle on and off the preview for the dimension styles?

Select the Toggle Preview Icon which is the first icon on the right at the top of the Dimension Styles dialog box.

Is the dimension preview dynamic?

Yes, the dimension style is dynamic. When you make a change to the dimension style setting such as the symbology settings, the changes will automatically be reflected in the preview window.

What does the Blue highlight bar indicate on my dimension style name from the listing?

If the dimension style is in a blue highlight and the dimension name is in blue when not selected, the dimension style has changed and currently has not been saved.

What does the check mark or triangle symbol mean displayed next to a dimension style in the Dimension Styles dialog box?

The check mark signifies that the dimension style is in synch with the dgnlib file that is being read in through the ms_dgnliblist variable. If the triangle or Delta symbol is displayed, it is signifying that a setting in the dimension style has changed between the local style and the style from the library.

Selecting a dimension style from the Dimension Style dialog box results in all of the dimension settings to be grayed out. Why is this happening?

The dimension style that is selected is from a dgnlib file and is currently not used in the design file. Once the dimension style is used, a copy of the dimension style will be copied to the local file. At this point in time, the settings will then be available. Optional ways of creating the dimension style into the local design file is to Save the Style or to Activate the dimension style.

Is there a way to save multiple dimension styles at one time?

Select the dimension styles that you want to save by either holding the CTRL button or Shift buttons while selecting with a data point to do a multiple selection set. Once this is done, select the Save Style icon and all of the dimension styles selected will be saved. This will also work for changing attributes in multiple dimension styles as well.

Having multiple dimension styles selected will also allow just these dimension styles to be updated if the update from library icon is selected. Previously, MicroStation V8 would update all of the dimension styles.

Where did the coordinate readout setting go in order to change the accuracy of the measuring tools?

The coordinate readout in MicroStation XM has been combined with the Working Units under the Design File Settings. Changing the accuracy for the Linear and for the Angular settings will affect the measuring tools.

MicroStation V8 2004 Edition was limited to a line and box around the text that was placed with the Place Note tool. Are there more options?

In MicroStation XM, the ability to place a line, box, rotated box, circle, capsule, hexagon, rotated hexagon, triangle, pentagon and octagon are now available.

What does the Text Frame Scale do under the dimension settings?

This setting allows the text frame that is placed around the text when the Place Note tool is used to be scaled manually by the user in order for it to fit around the text. If this check mark is toggled off, the text frame will be automatically be scaled around the text.

Does the active angle affect the Rotated Box or Rotated Hexagon setting for the Text Frame in the dimension settings?

The active angle has no effect on the rotation angle of the text frame. When the text frame is selected to be one of the rotated options, the box is rotated 45 degrees and the hexagon is rotated 30 degrees.

What does all of the new icons and text indicators mean in the dimension when I look at a dimension style name?

Is there a way to have the Place Note tool have the terminators and extension lines point to multiple places without placing a new note without text?

In MicroStation V8 XM Edition, when the CTRL is selected, multiple leaders can be placed from a single leader location.


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