Parametric Cells - Feature Cells



If you need cells that can be driven by a table of values - like these nuts according to ISO4036.

Download the example: flat nuts ISO 4036

There are several examples in the delivered projects (User: examples - Project: Plant) for example a Industry Ladder that are driven by a table. To place those cells you use the function "Place Feature Cell"(C1) in the task "Feature Modelling". More cell libraries in the same project contain examples of bolts, nuts, steel beams and piping. The value tables are in inches and you can easily add or change values as you like or use other units like metric. If you have the task "Feature Modelling" active you find  additional functions in your main task (as shown below )
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Open "Parameter Set Table" - available when the Feature Modeling task is open.

Surely there are several applications that will offers much more trade specific savvy and  intelligence to your construction. (Bentley Architecture, Structural, Open Plant ...just to name the obvious) Yet to introduce some parametrics into your MicroStation Feature Modelling is the way to go. Whatever you want to design with different parameters  -  doors, stairs, bolts - any kind of more or less standardized objects or any parametric objects you quickly want to change -

Try out the Blueprint to create your own "Feature Cells"

in MicroStation Help:

> 3D Design and Modelling > Feature-Based Solids Modelling > Variable Driven Modelling and Constraints > Working with Feature Cells


Interesting in this context may also be also "Dimension Driven Design"  where you learn the general dimension driven design functionality and how to even automatically calculate tunnel cross sections for the curve radius of trains. And a more humble usage can be found in "Distance of cells by variable"

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