Reading 150mm x150mm column in RCDC

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 Product(s):STAAD Advanced Concrete Design
 Environment: N/A
 Area: Concrete Design
 Subarea: Column & Shear Wall
 Original Author:Abhisek Mandal, Bentley Technical Support Group

RCDC can not read columns with size 150mm x150mm. what is the solution?

Due to detailing consideration and other aspects we need to fix a lower value for column to be read by program and the threshold limit is 150mm. As a result the program is unable to read the columns. If you can incraese the column size to any value the program will read.
However if you want to use 150mm only, a workaround can be suggested here. First you need to provide the column dimension as 151mm x151mm in STAAD. I think you will agree that this one mm increase will not affect the analysis results much. But doing so you will be able to import the model in RCDC. Now, in RCDC you will see the input as 155mm x155mm as RCDC rounds it up to next 5mm.

Now, in input tab under column size you can select and change the size of columns back to 150mm x150mm. Now RCDC will allow this value and you will be able to complete the design.