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 Original Author:Carlos Aguera
Bentley Technical Support Group

This document is organized in a way that newer revisions appear at the top.
Therefore, section numbers will keep decreasing from top to bottom. Also refer
to the What's New section of the Online Help for Major New Features. This
document outlines fixes and last minute changes.

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STAAD.Pro 2023

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Last release 

Details of Revision History from earlier releases 

Version 22

Version 21

Generation V8i

STAAD.Pro V8i SS6,


STAAD.Pro V8i SS5,


STAAD.Pro V8i SS4,


STAAD.Pro V8i SS3,


STAAD.Pro V8i SS2,


STAAD.Pro V8i SS1,


STAAD.Pro V8i,


STAAD.Pro 2007, Build 03 ( 8 July 2008)

STAAD.Pro 2007, Build 02 (14 September 2007)

STAAD.Pro 2007, Build 01 (29 June 2007)