Find out critical reaction for a moving load

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 Original Author:Abhisek Mandal, Bentley technical Support Group

 I am using the moving load generation facility to generate a set of load cases for a truck moving on a bridge. Can STAAD provide the support reactions for the critical position that produces the maximum effects on the system flooring??

This would require that the support reactions for all generated load cases be produced in a report form sorted in a descending order based upon the specific support reaction criteria we are interested in, such as the FY force, or the MZ moment.

To get this report, first run the analysis. Go to the Post processing mode. Select the support node(s) at which you want the information you are seeking. From the top of the screen, select Report | Support Reactions. In the dialog box that comes up, select the degree of freedom (FY, MZ, etc.) which should be used as the criteria for sorting. Set the sorting order (high to low or low to high). From the loading tab, select the load cases that you want considered. Click on OK. A report of the results will be displayed in tabular form.