Wind load applied to member groups in STAAD

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 Original Author:Abhisek Mandal, Bentley technical Support Group

 I want to exclude some of my members from taking wind loading generated by STAAD. I cannot use the XR and YR to eliminate these members as there are other members within the same range that has to take up wind loading. Is there a way to do that?

Often one may need to apply wind loading on a specific set of members in a model. For example one may have cross braces in a vertical plane and may have wind load acting normal to the plane of these braces, which one may not want the braces to take. In such situations, one may define a group consisting of members which are expected to take the wind load and apply the
wind loading on these groups as shown next. As of now the data has to be entered using the editor as there are no options in the GUI for doing this


In the above example, wind loading type 2 and 4 has been applied on two separate member groups _X_AT_WEST and _X_AT_EAST respectively.