Note indicating floor diaphragm is to be defined before wind definition

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Area: Modeling Solutions
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Original Author:Sye Chakraborty, Bentley Technical Support Group


I am getting the following warning when running analysis. Can you please explain why?

*** NOTE: If any floor diaphragm is present in the model Wind Load definition
should be defined after Floor Diaphragm definition. Otherwise wind
load generation may be unsuccessful during analysis.

This is a standard note that is printed whenever the software finds a wind definition in the file. The purpose is to inform the users that if there is a floor diaphragm in the model, it has to be defined before any wind load definition is entered as otherwise the software will not be able to generate wind load correctly during analysis. The note will appear even if there is no floor diaphragm defined in the model. The note does not indicate any issues with the model as such but is provided out of an abundance of caution. There is no option to turn off this message. .